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Goodnight }

      ‘I do not understand all the excitement over Christmas.’

❥ F I V E


"Good. Grand. I like you.”




      ‘.. How do you know my name?

                                                             —— Do I know you?’

goodnight }


At last the sound of footsteps echoed toward the control room. With a whistle on his lips, the young-faced Time Lord sauntered in from the top level - and stopped in his tracks. His whistle cut off as he caught sight of the TARDIS’s ‘desktop theme’. She had reverted to something he had seen oh so very long ago, not the gothic reds and blacks that usually showed. But why was she doing it? Who for?

And then he saw the figure sitting on the floor, his hearts lurching.

"Sarah -?"


    A bit startled, Sarah looked up at the man standing at the console. She frowned, being rather confused— who was this man and how did he know her name, or even dare he call her Sarah? The only one she really didn’t mind saying that was the Doctor—

      Wait. Could this possibly.. ?

                                   It felt as likely as him being on time, but still.

       ’Excuse me sir, but I think you’re in the wrong place.’

     She crossed her arms, giving him a curious look, trying her best not to be suspicious of him. Although it was hard, the feeling of being succesful was a mighty one. Now only if she could find out who this was without giving her thoughts or intentions away, she’d feel accomplished.

          It was just another ordinary day with the Doctor to Sarah Jane, her softly brushing the side of the TARDIS console as she walked a circle around it. She glanced around the room, staring at the doors for a minute, eventually sitting down. The Doctor told he’d be off for only a few minues, and yet it had been at least two hours. 

                 Humming a familiar song, she waited for him to return, only to be disappointed once more. Ah, but wat else could she do? Exploring the TARDIS could only get her lost. Drawing circles on the floor, her patience began to run out.

              —- ‘Get here already!’

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